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About Nazaneen

Nazaneen is well loved for her ability to deliver a show-stopping, dynamic and memorable performance that is engaging, entertaining, graceful and sure to delight your guests in any setting -- from weddings to private parties, restaurant and club venues.

My shows are custom-tailored to your particular event - including costuming, music and specialty acts. That being said, for most clients and most events, an approximately 20-minute set is what works best. This set usually consists of a grand entrance, a specialty act that usually features a prop with a big "wow!" factor (swords, fire, shamadan, etc.), a drum solo and lots of lively upbeat music to follow. Towards the end of each set, I usually try to get the audience involved, too. This can include getting folks up to dance, demonstrating a little mini-lesson for some brave volunteers, simply clapping along or nothing at all - it all depends on the comfort level and vibe of the crowd, and my over 15 years of experience in entertaining audiences helps me make that decision. My goal is to leave everyone with a smile on their face and providing my clients with the best entertainment value for their money.

On the day of, you can expect me to arrive within 30 minutes of when I go on stage. It helps to have a contact person to text or call when I arrive, as I like to be discrete and not disrupt a party in progress. I will need a private area to stash my things in and change into costume. This doesn't have to be fancy, but generally something other than a bathroom is preferred because there's the risk of running into guests while in the bathroom, and this ruins the surprise! A mirror in the changing area is greatly appreciated but not required.

I bring my own music, and can provide music in iPod or CD format, please tell me which you prefer. Live music is also an option for an additional fee - I can put you in touch with several excellent musicians who I work with on a regular basis. That being said, the client usually provides the sound system. Please make sure it's loud enough for the space of your event!

Please also let me know what type of floor I will be dancing on - this helps me plan appropriate footwear. I can work with almost anything so long as the surface is level and free of hazards (broken glass, rocks, etc.).

Lastly if you have any special needs or requests, please don't hesitate to ask. It's my goal to make your vision for your event come true!




Celebrated by both the Middle Eastern and Western community for her authenticity, expressiveness and beauty, Nazaneen's graceful and captivating style of Raqs Sharqi (belly dance) has delighted audiences in both Europe and the United States.A seasoned performer, Nazaneen is well loved for her ability to deliver show-stopping, high energy dancing that is simultaneously engaging, entertaining, graceful and studded with strong technique.  Her dance vocabulary is deeply rooted in the traditional dances of the middle east that form the basis of contemporary belly dance as well as ballet and jazz techniques to bring you an authentic, dynamic and polished performance in any setting  from weddings to private parties and restaurant venues.


As a teacher, Nazaneen is widely sought out not only for her skill, but also for her patience and ability to translate the complex movements of Middle Eastern dance in a way that is tailored to the student.  She strongly believes that dance is meant to be enjoyed by all and that with the right training anyone can enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of dance. Nazaneen now brings her expertise to the pacific northwest, where she both teaches and performs various middle eastern dance forms, including modern and classical Egyptian Raqs Sharqi (belly dance), various Arabic folk dances as well as Persian classical and folk dance.



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